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  2. 10 Short Stories By Munshi Premchand That Effortlessly Portray Complicated Human Emotions
  3. Shikshaprad Kahani by Nirmal Gupta in Hindi Short Stories PDF
  4. Rajendra Yadav: “Waiting” (Hindi)

बात जो दिल को छू गयी Free Hindi Story in Pdf. Download Hindi Story PDF Free नन्हीं चिड़िया, Hindi Short Stories, Hindi Moral Story For Kids. Free download of Anuraag - A Collection Of Hindi Short Stories by Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more. जीवन की इकाई कोशिका, [ Hindi, PDF ], Order hard copy. शरीर का The story of Atomic Theory of Matter [English,PDF] Picture Stories / चित्र कथाएँ .

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Hindi Short Stories Pdf

There are many Hindi Short Stories which have gotten acclimation from all over the world. Hindi has a long tradition of short stories reflecting the culture and. Real life Hindi story pdf in hindi – Collection of Stories कहानियां प्रेरक प्रसंग {PDF} Download Short Motivational & Moral Stories PDF in Hindi. Volga Se Ganga is a historical fiction which is a collection of 20 short stories from एक और सीता – आलमशाह खान | Ek Aur Sita Hindi Book PDF Download.

The book revolves around migration of Aryans from Eurasia to Volga river. The book further traces the movement of Aryans from Volga river to the regions of Himalayas, sub Himalayan region and Gangetic plains. The stories in the book begins from BC and ends in the year This is the year when Gandhiji called for Quit India Movement. The first story of the book is Nisha. It is woven around BC. At this time the society is of matriarchal nature so the story is named after a female head of the family. Readers will find 20 interesting stories that will make them travel between different time periods and different mentality of the society. In the stories you will find Chanakya reign from Alexander period stories. A touch of Asian and European culture is blend in this book as well writer has try to emerge them as well.

Category: Story Collection

This book consist of 25 interesting and fun loving stories. The stories provided in this book not only entertain the readers but also provide moral teaching at the end. The name of the book is also named after one of the story in the book. Now you can also download and read Meri Maa Ke Liye Kursi in Hindi , a short story about a working women and her daughter.

10 Short Stories By Munshi Premchand That Effortlessly Portray Complicated Human Emotions

Ek Lota Pani Hindi Book is a book for all the ages of people. Enjoy interesting and engaging stories which will keep you relaxed even in the time of stress. To read Ek Lota Pani, click on the download link given below.

Though the book here is available in Hindi. The book consists of a story of a small cat.

It is the day of full moon and when cat saw the moon, she thinks that it is a bowl of a milk. This cat is very small and this is the first full moon for this cat.

Now you can also read Hiroshima Ka Dard in Hindi , a book which revolve around the emotions of people of Hiroshima when nuclear bomb was bombarded on them. Billi Ki Pehli Pooranmasi Hindi book a good for the kids.

So, to read Billi Ki Pehli Pooranmasi, just click on the download link given below. Ukraini Lok kathayen is a book which consists of collection of stories that belongs to Ukraine. Ukraine is a place in Russia. This book consists of different stories along with picture in order to make the reading more interesting, imaginative and intriguing.


However, the book that we are presenting you consists of the Hindi translation of the fables popular in place of Ukraine. In addition, each and every story also teaches a moral lesson at the end. The book Ukraini Lok Kathayen consists of 27 short and long stories that will definitely entertain you to the fullest. This book consists of collection of all the writing which provides a critical view of society.

The book solely focuses on whether the man has the morals that made him or her a decent individual.

Shikshaprad Kahani by Nirmal Gupta in Hindi Short Stories PDF

The book is divided into 17 chapters. Now you can also read the Romain Rollan book on Vivekanand in Hindi. To read admi hone ki tamij in Hindi, just click the download button given below. Hilne Lagi Dharti is a book which consists of collection of kids stories. The writer of this book is Shrinivas Vatsya. Nandan is a comic book of India.

All the stories in the book are written in simple language. And this is what kids loves the most. All his stories consists of the moral teaching that provides life lesson to his readers.

The book is named after one of the story of the book. Download book from here.

Rajendra Yadav: “Waiting” (Hindi)

Telugu Ki Bees Kahaniya , as the name suggests the book consists of 20 stories of Telugu literature. Well, the book that I am presenting you consists of the Hindi translation of all the 20 stories. The credit of translation goes to Baal Shauri Reddy. Many writers has contributed beautiful stories in Telugu.

These stories are also present in Urdu language. Also he has translated many Hindi scripts in Telugu language as well. Search Book Title Search for: Analysis of the genre As a genre , the short story received relatively little critical attention through the middle of the 20th century, and the most valuable studies of the form were often limited by region or era.

Start Your Free Trial Today By far the majority of criticism on the short story focused on techniques of writing. Many, and often the best of the technical works, advise the young reader—alerting the reader to the variety of devices and tactics employed by the skilled writer.

These two terms establish the polarities of the milieu out of which the modern short story grew. The tale is much older than the sketch. Usually filled with cryptic and uniquely deployed motifs, personages, and symbols , tales are frequently fully understood only by members of the particular culture to which they belong.

Simply, tales are intracultural.

Seldom created to address an outside culture, a tale is a medium through which a culture speaks to itself and thus perpetuates its own values and stabilizes its own identity. The old speak to the young through tales. The sketch, by contrast, is intercultural, depicting some phenomenon of one culture for the benefit or pleasure of a second culture. Factual and journalistic, in essence the sketch is generally more analytic or descriptive and less narrative or dramatic than the tale.

Moreover, the sketch by nature is suggestive, incomplete; the tale is often hyperbolic, overstated.

The primary mode of the sketch is written; that of the tale, spoken. This difference alone accounts for their strikingly different effects. The sketch writer can have, or pretend to have, his eye on his subject. The tale, recounted at court or campfire—or at some place similarly removed in time from the event—is nearly always a re-creation of the past.

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